Humanitarian Symphony Orchestra (HSO)

The Humanitarian Symphony Orchestra (HSO) is a voluntary Community based Orchestra founded in 2015 by Louise Mooney and Ian O’Maonaigh. The HSO is an expression of harmony on all levels. The unique strength of music and performance both in the community and for charity. Its members do not draw a salary from it, yet return time after time to bear witness to the spirit which animates it. Focusing on community where it performs through concerts, engagement, and music education, to develop participation, inclusiveness and engaging the widest audience possible in order to build on its tradition of community support and to move forward with an unshakable commitment to innovation and a fearless pursuit of success.  Come Join Us!


Our mission is to enrich, inspire and serve our community as a symphony orchestra recognized for its artistic excellence.

Strengthen the Humanitarian commitments of the Orchestra by continuing to give charity concerts which benefit local and national organizations with a philanthropic mission.

Musical Excellence

The HSO is committed to the pursuit of musical excellence in everything that it does. The Orchestra’s ongoing collaboration with soloists, performers and societies is key to partnerships. Performances of classical repertoire, musicals and new works are performed.

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